Blueway User Survey Results

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The South Shore Blueway Trail User Survey was develop to understand the needs of boaters and to conduct outreach to local paddlers.

The survey was available from Sept-2012 to May-2013 and we received 70 responses. Responses rates for each question were good, with the exception quesitons of age and club membership. The responses provided numeruos insights regarding use of south shore waterways:

  • People primarily enjoy the south shore bays for their natural scenery and wildlife viewing.
  • Parking, restrooms and safe, clearly marked put-ins are very important to paddlers.
  • The main safety concenr is powerboat and jet ski traffic, wakes, excessive speeds.
  • There is strong interest in interpretive information, including local ecology, cultural heritage and boating safety.
  • Most paddlers get local waterway information from websites and friends.
  • A typical outing on the bays consist of paddling 4-7 miles.
  • 88% of paddlers considered their skill level intermediate or advanced.
  • 60% have had any paddling instruction.
  • Cold water paddling is popular, with 59% of responders reporting winter boating.
  • Night boating is common with about half of the respondents.

These results are used to inform South Shore Blueway Trail Planning, help develop site designations and recommend site improvements. Find the complete survey here. (include link).