Vision Statement

The South Shore Blueway Trail provides safe recreation where families and groups can explore the natural beauty and cultural wonders of Long Island’s south shore —easily accessible by all. The trail highlights community connections between people and places, thus encouraging residents and visitors to enjoy recreational, educational and scenic experiences that encourage environmental stewardship, promote healthy lifestyles and are sustainable. As a regional trail, the South shore Blueway Trail will improve quality of life, yield economic benefits to local communities, and enhance environmental quality, in particular water resources. An overarching goal is for the blueway trail to be expanded across the South Shore Estuary Reserve and for the trail to be recognized as a National Recreational Trail system—and recognized for local and regional significance—thereby increasing prospects for funding trail implementation.

Guiding Principles:

  • Recreation – meeting the recreation needs of diverse populations and people of all abilities
  • Safety – ensure safe and appropriate recreational use
  • Education – foster learning through real world experience
  • Conservation and Stewardship – leave no trace, preserve natural areas
  • Community Connections – connecting people and places, engaging partners
  • Healthy Communities – help people become healthier